Organelle is a structure with in a cell, mini organs.
  • Cell Membrane(both plant&animal cells)- Controls what enters and exits the cell. Made up of special lipids called phospholipid.
  • Cell Wall(plant cells only)- Rigid structure surrounding the cell membrane in plants. Made up of the polysaccaride cellulose.
  • Cytoplasm(both plant&animal cells)- Jelly-like substance found inside ALL cells. Located between the cell membrane and the nucleus. Location of many reactions.
  • Nucleus(both plant&animal cells)- Control center of the cells. Contains DNA. Usually found in the center of the cell. Surrounded and protected by its own membrance called the nuclear envelope.
  • Nucleolus(both plant&animal cells)- Specialized region within the nuclues. Where ribosomes are formed.
  • Ribosomes(both plant&animal cells)- Enzymes that carry-out protein synthesis. Found in the cytoplasm or attached to the rough ER.
  • Rough ER(both plant&animal cells)- Manufactures proteins for export outside of the cell. Studded with ribosomes. Located near the nucleus,
  • Smooth ER(both plant&animal cells)- Manufactures membranes lipids. Detoxification.
  • Golgi Apparatus(both plant&animal cells)- Collects, packages, modified and ships cell products.
  • Lysosome(animal cells only)- Recycles old and worn out organelles and other cell parts. Can break-down food and other cells.
  • Vacuoles(both plant&animal cells)- Larger in plant cells than in animal cells. Stores water nutrients and wastes.
    • Turgor Pressure- This phenomena is seen in plants when the pressure fromo the filled vacuole pushes on the cell wall, giving structure to the plant.

  • Chloroplast(plant cells only)- Converts light energy(from the sun) into chemical energy (sugar).
  • Mitochondria(both plant&animal cells)- Breaks down food into energy that the body can use. (ATP).
  • Cytoskeleton(both plant&animal cells)- The cell's "skeleton". Made of microtubles, microfilaments and intermediate filaments that give the cell its shape. Allows the cell to move.
  • Centrioles(animal cells only)- Paired structures that aids in cell division.
  • Cilia(animal cells only)- Fine hair-like structures involved in movement.
  • Flagella(animal cells only)- large whip-tail involved in movement. Usually only one or a few are present on a cell.

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