Bacteria is

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Bacteria Being Infected By a Virus:

Bacteria Practice Quiz:

1. What are some ways to get rid of bacteria?

2. What are the two kingdoms of prokaryotes?

3. What is peptidoglycan?

4. Cocci is shaped
Bacilli is shaped
Spirilla is shaped

5. What are some ways in which bacteria move?


1. Sterilization
Food processing

2. The two kingdoms of prokaryotes are Archaebacteria and Eubacteria.

3. A peptidoglycan is a carbohydrate. They are part of the cell wall only in bacteria.

4. Cocci is sphere shaped
Bacilli is rod shaped
Spirilla is spiral shaped

5. Some ways in which bacteria move are by using whiplike structures, gliding, lashing, spiraling, and some are propelled by flagella. Others don't move at all.

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